Telephone Counselling

£50 1-hour session

Single Session Therapy

£70 1-hour session

What is counselling or therapy?

Counselling is talking therapy. What you talk about in this space is what is on your mind. What may be on your mind, may be the very thing that keeps you from meeting your full potential, keeping you stuck, or causing you emotional distress. Talking can begin a process of reflectively examining/observing your thoughts and feelings, gaining insight and awareness.

How can counselling or therapy help me?

Counselling can help by putting life experiences into context. Talking about it, saying it out loud and being understood in a safe, confidential surrounding, can bring change. Often the stories we carry about ourselves can be infused with emotion, making it difficult to sperate past from present. Through talking, processing feelings and emotions, we begin to heal and open up to becoming self-directive and self-aware.

What is the length of the counselling or therapy?

The length of counselling is an individual choice. I offer single session therapy; all you may need is one session to offload and find a way forward; short-term therapy; goal/solution focused oriented on change; long-term therapy; deep internal exploration. A consultation will give you time to discuss your needs and working in a way that suits you. Contact me for a free 30 minute online consultation via Zoom.